Friday, December 04, 2009

Shopping Day in Taipei!

I have visited two night markets since coming to Taiwan; one in Tainan the other in Taipei. The markets are like our Flea Markets with vendor tables selling all sorts of clothing, jewelery, shoes, housewares and especially food. My gluten issues have taken the tasty baked goods off my list but last night I ate some tasty fried sweet potato chunks in a sweet crispy sesame seed glaze. Yum! Ate it straight from the box with a toothpick while walking the market.

Here you can see a few scores from the market:

The pink thing is a fashionable face mask which does not have a scooter, but the cute packaging does.

Today the serious shopping begins. It is my first and only day to wander around on my own. I am on a mission to try for a new camera and (of course) get more scooter stuff.

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art said...

I wish you could meet Dan of He is based in Taiwan but I'm not sure where. Asian mags write articles on the scooters he builds.

He is a very interesting fellow and one heck of a scooter tuner.

He has a Skype phone number.
Skype: Samuraiscoot

Art in Memphis