Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year! Any resolutions?

I can't say that I am much of a resolution kind of person. I always feel pressured to make one, but they often fall flat. But this year, I proclaim 2010 the "do everything better" year. I figure if I can commit to putting more effort into everything, even if it is a little bit more, then things can only improve. Not that things are bad, but we could all use an improved life, now couldn't we? I'd also like to "ride more' but I say that every year, and end up behind my computer far too much.Maybe a fancy new scooter would help....?

Do you have any scooter-related resolutions?


Stephan said...

Fast Facts About New Year's Resolutions

63% of people say they are keeping their resolutions after two months

67% of people make three or more resolutions

Top four resolutions:
-Increase exercise
-Be more conscientious about work or school
-Develop better eating habits
-Stop smoking, drinking, or using drugs (including caffeine)

1. Be realistic
The surest way to fall short of your goal is to make your goal unattainable

2. Plan ahead
Don't make your resolution on New Year's Eve. If you wait until the last minute, it will be based on your mindset that particular day.

3. Outline your plan
Decide how you will deal with the temptation to skip that exercise class or have one more cigarette.

4. Make a "pro" and "con" list
It may help to see a list of items on paper to keep your motivation strong.

5. Talk about it
Don't keep your resolution a secret. Tell friends and family members who will be there to support your resolve to change yourself for the better

6. Track your progress
Keep track of each small success you make toward reaching your larger goal.

7. Don't beat yourself up
Obsessing over the occasional slip won't help you achieve your goal. Do the best you can each day, and take each day one at a time.

8. Stick to it
Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity, such as exercising, to become a habit, and 6 months for it to become part of your personality.

9. Keep trying
If your resolution has totally run out of steam by mid-February, don't despair. Start over again! There's no reason you can't make a "New Year's resolution" any time of year.

-april said...

Yes. I had a nice productive time off between Xmas & today's back-to-work. Got my started on my resolution!