Friday, January 29, 2010

Posteritati Winter Film Poster Sale

The super-cool folks at Posteritati in NYC take film posters seriously. Luckily for us, they offer a huge array of cool movie posters. Two Christmases ago, I bought my bf an Argentine version of the Ferry Cross the Mersey poster. I just heard they are having a winter poster sale where you can get 25% off if you order & use the code winter at checkout. I did a quick search and found this unusual French Quadrophenia poster for a whopping $600 (it is unusual, after all-- it says "Les Who" and it has boobs...) but you can get it at 25% off now until February 28th. Order now before they are gone!

They also have film stills for $175:
And this German poster for Soldier of Orange:

which my feeble eyes can't tell if it is a scooter or moto. I think scooter!

If you are a fan of film posters, you should pick up the book that features over 1,000 movie posters from the Posteritati collection: The Art of the Modern Movie Poster which has a few scooter images in it. You can get it for over 50% off at Amazon.

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