Thursday, February 04, 2010

Scooter Relief Fund: Ben Jahrsdoerfer

If you have ever bought a Scoot! t-shirt or hoody, or if you have ever received a cool MODified raffle prize at a rally, you have Ben to thank. He's a generous, funny person: good people! Please help if you can...

from the site:
Ben Jahrsdoerfer is the co-owner of MODified Printing in Portland Oregon. Modified has been a generous sponsor of many rallies around the country. I had the pleasure of working with Ben and Modified on swag for the Gotham Rally 3 Rally in New York City. Well Ben was involved in an accident in December and landed in the hospital with a broken collarbone. That's not all he got thought, upon discharge from the hospital he was handed a bill for over $10,000! We're helping Ben pay off that bill with an initial $500 grant, and hope that folks will be able to pitch in and make a donation. Every bit counts. If everyone who has a shirt printed by MODified, or who attended a rally sponsored by MODified in the past gives a few bucks, we'll have that bill paid in no time!

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