Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Twist & Gone, sponsored by Scoot! Magazine

Scoot! is proud to sponsor a unique scootering event: Twist & Gone a scooter drag & swap meet.

Twist & Gone 2010
Scooter Drags and Swap Meet
When: May 1st (Reg starts 8am)
Where: Brown County Drag Strip
Why: To compete for pride and glory

Entry fee $45 first class, $20 each additional.  Swap meet booths are available for $25 for a 10X10 booth. You must bring your own tent, table, and chairs.

Facebook event page
North American Scooter Racing Association


Class 1: 4 Stroke Scooter
1a: 72cc Pro: Displacement must not be larger than 72cc, no power adders.
1b: 100cc Unlimited
: Displacement must not be larger than 100cc.
1c: 170cc Pro: Displacement must not be larger than 170cc, no power adders.
1e: 235cc Unlimited: Displacement must not be greater than 235cc.
1f: 250cc + Maxiscooter Unlimited
: Displacement of 250cc or larger.

Class 2: 2 Stroke Scooter

2a: 99cc Pro: Displacement must not be larger than 99cc, no power adders.
2b: 100cc + Pro: Displacement of 100cc or larger, no power adders.
2c: 2 Stroke Unlimited

Class 3: Sprinter

3a. Unlimited Sprinter


King of the hill. Anyone can enter, first across the line wins.


  • Must be equipped with a dead man switch.
  • A oil / fuel catch can is required. We dont want any oil or gas on the track.
  • Must be structurally sound. Scooter frames may be lightened but must not be done in such a way that it makes the frame unsafe.
  • Front and rear brakes are mandatory and in good working condition
  • Must be in good working condition with no unsafe mechanical defects. Such as a sticking throttle, loose steering, excessive slop in the front end.
  • Nitrous tanks must be securely fastened to in a manner with a proper mount. No zip ties... lol
  • CVT must be covered in such a way that if a belt were to snap no injury could occur to the rider or anyone else.
  • A DOT approved full face helmet in good condition with eye protection.
  • Full length jeans at a minimum
  • Shoes must cover the ankle and be leather. Hi-Tops are ok!
  • Riding gloves and a suitable riding jacket is highly recommended.
  • Drunk or otherwise impaired drivers will be asked to leave the event.

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