Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lemax "Red Moped"

Lemax makes inexpensive holiday resin/plastic items. Its Halloween and Christmas village items are available at Michael's craft stores. Nikki & Susan told me about a "Red Moped" figurine which is stocked in the Christmas area. It is approximately 2.5-inches high and 2 inches long. Michaels has it for $3.99. Each year I rummage through the Lemax items and I'm finally glad to find a scooter in them! Thanks Nikki & Susan for the heads up!

It's not a moped, but a cute Vespa copy.It must be a special GS as it has 2 cowl doors and the ultra-rare body box which is behind the seat. Score! Just another lesson for collectors..don't be afraid to search under the term "moped" as you might find a cool collectible names by a clueless person. :)

The photo is from the "Lemax Fan Pages" which catalogs all the Lemax products out there. A good resource to bookmark for future searching.

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