Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vectrix Not Meeting Sales Goals?

According to a small bit of news by Thompson Financial Services carried on Forbes.com Vectrix sales aren't meeting forecasted expectations. The article cites "quality issues in MAXI scooter production ramp-up and reworking of previously shipped bikes."

Since I haven't gotten the chance to ride a Vectrix, yet...anyone out there have one and want to report any issues with the bikes? We're getting a loaner, soon, and I'm eager to give it a thorough examination. I'd love to see the bike live up to the hype.

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Dan said...

April Whitney asked for comments on the Vectrix. Since I have over 600 miles on mine as of yesterday, I thought I would chime in: I am totally delighted with the Vectrix. This is a powerful vehicle with terrific performance and amazing torque. It climbs hills as fast as on flat ground and the handling and maneuverablity are excellent. It feels completely safe and solid on the freeway but with a top speed of 62MPH and most California drivers going 85, I usually stay off them. Even so, it's great to have the option of jumping on the freeway when necessary.

I think the regenerative braking throttle is one of the best features. It is so strong that you rarely need the hand-brakes at all, except to keep the bike from rolling on an incline.

The controls and functions feel well-designed, everything seems to work as advertised and the Vectrix folks have been great when I've had questions. I have not seen any quality control issues myself so I am curious as to what those might be. Overall I am thrilled with the Vectrix and ride it whenever I can. If you ride one, I think you will want one too!