Sunday, September 16, 2007

Old Timey Flashback: The Doodlebug

You don't hear about Doodle Bugs much, nowadays. The bikes were produced in the late 40s. But, people still own them, and collect them, and restore them, as evidenced by a recent gathering of Doodle Bug enthusiasts in Iowa. The Fort Dodge Messenger carries an article about the event.

The Doodle Bug looks like the typical early American scooter with the thin handlebars and barely-there front end. In contrast, the popular Vespa and Lambrettas that most people are accustomed to seeing have a solid front leg shield with provides some stability and protection. (I know, the early Lammy A-F models and the U model Vespa were short on front end action, too....)But the Doodle Bug does have some style flourishes at the back end.

Interested in finding more? Check out Don Jackson's site (where the photo above is from) for information on replacement parts and restoration of the Doodle Bug.

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