Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miss Vespa USA? Discuss...

When the brainstorm came for Amerivespa 2009, I had a few suggestions including starting a Miss Vespa USA contest. When I suggested it, lots of people laughed thinking I was making a joke, but I was totally serious. I wasn't saying that we needed some beauty pageant with a bathing suit and talent competition. I was thinking that it could be a way to highlight women in scootering and to recognize women who were great examples of people who scoot and what scootering can do for someone.

I envisioned a component where the contestants could submit an essay about what role scootering plays in their respective lives. Have they met new friends? Has scooter club membership brought out new leadership capabilities that they never exercised? Has the freedom of scootering affected their parts of their lives?

Since this is really AmeriVespa, I figure that perhaps there should be some Vespa trivia.

But other than that I am a bit stumped. I don't want it to be a hard, exclusionary thing. But, I also want it to be meaningful and inspirational. So after much mulling over, I thought that I would put it to the readers for suggestions.

What components would you like to see added to the contest to make is relevant and inspirational to other women riders? Feel free to leave a comment under this entry.

Blog entry soundtrack: Utah Saints- "New Gold Dream" Love what they did with Simple Minds!

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