Monday, November 10, 2008

Rise Against Scoots on Tour

Rolling Stone published an update on the band Rise Against and mentioned that they took scooters on their tour.
After midnight, the band boards the bus for a late-night trip to Philadelphia to play two nights at Electric Factory. "It's such a cool club," [Tim]McIlrath says. "The best shows happen in seedy neighborhoods built out of old warehouses." For this tour, they brought a fleet of scooters, which they use to track down some pre-show vegan cheese steaks. "Now, instead of being cooped up in a venue all day, we can just cruise around town," says McIlrath. "It keeps us sane."

You may recall that we have published articles on musician scooterists in the past. Poison's Rikki Rockett would tuck his Vespa smallframe in his tour bus' understorage and ride all over town during his stops. Audio Adrenaline did a co-tour with Mercy Me and both bands took Honda Ruckuses (plural?) on tour and had a blast tearing it up.

Rise Against is on tour and will do some last US dates, onto Canada and them to Austria and Germany. Assuming they are on 4-strokes (my money is on the Ruckus...) they should hook up with some of the German tuners or SIP. That will blow their minds!

Rickki Rockett cover

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