Thursday, November 06, 2008

Upcoming Event: Tucson-Nogales Rally 11/7 - 11/9

I have never been to the Tucson-Nogales ride, but past Scoot! owners Barry & Casey went and had nothing but great things to say about this event. It's a long ride through beautiful country which ends at a big BBQ & campout. This is the 21st year, so I guess people can now have beer at the campout, eh?

From the site:
Saturday morning, the rally departs from the Hotel Congress for a 125-mile ride through the beautiful scenic landscape of southwestern Arizona. We will have a mid-way stop in the rustic town of Patagonia, Arizona for gas, drinks and to stretch our legs. From Patagonia, we will continue on through Nogales, Arizona to the Calabassas Group Campsite a 5-acre, isolated, and reserved campsite in the Coronado National Forest.

At the Calabasas campsite, we will be greeted by a catered BBQ, multiple kegs of beer, music and a bonfire. Several campsites, firepits, firewood and a restroom are available. It can get cold at the campsite, so don't forget tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear.

If you can make it, pour a beer for me who will be working away on the next issue from my home...

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