Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pepsi Commercial with Fishbone

Blink and you might miss it, but Fishbone makes a quick appearance in the new "My Generation" commercial from Pepsi Cola. The commercial (embedded below) is a stylized trip through history with Pepsi, culminating with a crowd getting down-- Angelo's unmistakable visage closing it out.

According to FishboneLive.org, "Pepsi has managed to bring back the largest OG reunion on stage with besides Angelo and Wood, Dirty Walt and a totally unexpected Christopher Dowd!"

Glad to know that Fishbone still has some cachet!


One of Nero's Top 3 Fave Humans said...

YEAH!!!! I totally caught that! WOW. I mean... WOW. FISHBONE? In a... Pepsi commercial?? THIS decade? WOW. If only they could put it back together (aside from one get together at the behest of Pepsi) and pull off something as good as "The Reality of My Surroundings" again. With no references to nutmeg.

Anonymous said...

That would be cachet.

-april said...

Yes. Cachet is the proper spelling. I'll change it right now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Cholly make me feel good . . . Great news!