Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold Weather Challenge

I actually feel embarrassed to post about this challenge as it celebrates the tenacity of some scooterists who will defy popular opinion, and sometimes common sense, and ride in unthinkably cold weather. Why embarrassed? Because my weather has been sunny with temps hovering around 70-degrees this past week. I guess it's not my fault. Blame it on global warming, coal-fired power plants, and too many cars. ;-)

Some scooterists in the ultra-cold areas of the country (isn't that everywhere other than California right now?!?)have the stamina to brave cold-weather riding. These brave folks can participate in the Cold Weather Challenge. I cant recall how long this has been going on. But each year it is cool to see the photos that folks submit with them bundled up in front of a bank clock/temp gauge.

The rules are simple. I paraphrase: 2-wheeled scooters; 10-mile minimum ride; ambient temp, no wind-chill considered; goes 11/27/08 to 2/28/09. If you want to find out more and see the amazing results, go to The Cold Weather Challenge.

Big whoop to Colin Doyle who rode 14+ miles in -10°F in Collegeville, MN, on a Honda Ruckus 50. He posted video. I wonder if Honda designed those for such cold weather?

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