Friday, January 02, 2009

Things I Hope Happen in 2009

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I want to post a list of things to look forward to in 2009. It's not a forecast, just a wish list of sorts. Feel free to leave comments with your scooter-related wishes for 2009.

1) Another scooter sales boom over the Spring/Summer
2) Continued awareness of a scooter as a smart, economical transportation choice
3) More women scooterists!
4) More experienced, qualified riders who take proper training
5) Less scooter accidents, injuries and fatalities (see above)
6) Less scooter club politics and polarization
7) More FUN rallies
8) More time for April to travel to those fun rallies (!)
9) More scooterists making custom scooters (let's see some cool murals!)
10) More celebrities and influential folks coming out of the "scooter closet" [Let's hear it for Carlos Alazraqui, our current cover story!]
11) More cool riding clothing for the ladies
12) More motorcycle/scooter parking
13) More people subscribing to Scoot! (I can be a little selfish, can't I?)

Blog entry soundtrack: "The Shadow of Love" by The Damned

1 comment: said...

HI I drive the big daddy scooter the burgman 650 with some modifications I have done. I would love to see more people get into scootering and perhaps some more powerful scoots and scoots made for taller people. I am 6'3 and drive my scooter a hour each way to work . I love my suv only drives in the winter time and is now rusting due to lack of use :)