Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally ordered a Where's George stamp

If you have never heard of it is a site where you can "register" US paper currency and then track where it goes after that. It is totally dependent upon the next recipient noticing the markings on the bill & then going to a computer to then enter in the info. But, when you get a hit n one of your bills it is cool!

I like to register some bills before I travel & then take them with me. I spend them on the trip and hope that someone will then re-enter them. Scooter rallies are a great occasion for spending some bills.

I just ordered a stamp from Have any of you used them before? I'll let you know what happens.


Anonymous said...

I received a wheresgeorge? bill this weekend. My boys and I looked up the site and find it interesting. We are now playing. I'll check out the place where you purchased the stamp. Thanks.

-april said...

Sweet! It's a fun hobby, but be prepared for some l-o-n-g amounts of time with no hits. I've entered a bunch of bills and only received a 19 hits. I think my rate will increase now that I have the stamp. Too bad I didn't make it to all the way to N. Carolina. I was prepared to lay down some bills! :)