Thursday, September 24, 2009

NC no go; now a cold!

My attempted trip to Asheville NC for the KYMCO presentation was foiled by one of the worst storms in recent memory for the Atlanta area. Although Kayne West may differ:

My flight was delayed several hours and then ultimately canceled with a vague promise to get me out the next day at 9:45. I decided to check on a rental car, but was told the main arteries out of Atlanta were flooded and that people had to scramble onto the roofs of their cars to avoid the quick-flowing onslaught. Rental car was a bit silly since it would have cost me and arm-and-a-leg for a one-way rental.I couldn't get my bags until I arrived at Asheville, so no cell phone charger or toothbrush. Hotels nearby were booked and I was advised to only get hotels with free shuttles as cab fare would run me $40 each way. So, I wondered if it would be better to incur the cost of a hotel and try to get out the next day, knowing that I would miss half of the day's presentation, only to attempt to come back the next day with thunderstorms in the forecast, again. Turns out that the weather was okay to fly back home, which what I ended up doing, albeit with a 3 hour delay. I arrived home at 2:15am exhausted.

That probably explains the nasty cold I developed Tuesday night. The rest of my week has been spent in bed or on the couch watching John Edward reruns.

My infirmity has given me time to write out address labels for the contributors to the current issue. #52 should be arriving at scooter shops this week and retailers within 2 weeks, subscribers should be getting the magazine anytime from this week through the next 3 weeks depending on how remote they are located.

Off to bed. Where is my neti pot?

Blog entry soundtrack: Pleasure Little Treasure by Depeche Mode.

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