Monday, September 28, 2009

Scooter Revival UK "reality show" in 2010

The 'net is abuzz about a teaser that has been released about an upcoming British show called, Scooter Revival UK which is said to debut in early 2010 in the UK with possible late 2010 showing in the US. You can watch the teaser here:

It looks like it adheres to the basic build-off formulas made popular (or tiresome, however you may look at it) by shows like Orange County Choppers. Although, I like scooters much more and I think it is harder (and more interesting) to recreate impeccable custom vintage scooters than just fabricate new choppers like the Tuttle family does.

A nice nod by having Phil Daniels narrate (he'll always be Jimmy whether he likes it or not) and for using Taffspeed, a well-known shop. Although, you have to chuckle when Colin the millionaire mod says, "You don't build a show-winning bike by just chucking money at it..." which it seems that he may well be doing by having the Taffspeed team doing it (!). But ah well, that's what those shows are about, and I am sure it will inspire the "everymen" scooterists in their garages to take up the cause.

Very excited about the possibility of this show!

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Anonymous said...

Ian doesn't seem to have changed a bit still a miserable old git. I hung around taffspeed in the 80's. Wonder where Terry has gone??