Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More Scooter parking: A Good Thing

If you have been following Scoot! and this blog for some time you know that I am passionate about designated scooter parking. We launched our own successful campaign in San Jose, CA where we are based. I have blogged about other cities that are also challenged with scoooter/motorcycle parking. The campaign for scooter parking continues.

Here is a story about how Philadelphia is adding parking for two-wheeled vehicles to stop parking on sidewalks. I am against parking on sidewalks for the most part. It can be dangerous for the disabled and can foster bad feelings among the people that walk on the sidewalk. But, if there was adequate parking for motos, them people wouldn't park on the sidewalk. Moreover, if motos aren't competing with cars, then automobile drivers won't be annoyed by car spaces with one moto in them. I have seen scooters that were moved to accommodate a car-- much to the surprise of the scooter's owner!

Finally, if you have some success share it with Scoot! by dropping me an email. I'd love to inspire others. And if you don't get some help let me kow, too. Perhaps we can all work together for a common goal.
Other cities such as Portland, Seattle, Sarasota and Sydney have undergone moto parking makeovers. Interested in creating more scooter-friendly parking in your city? Try these suggestions:
  • Organize: meet other scooterists and get an action group together. Research the amoutn of two-wheel riders in the area. Survey the area at different times and note how many scooters/motorcyces are parked. You must demonstrate a need if the city ia going to pay attention to your cause. Don't forget about motorcyclists. They want parking, too!
  • Petition: create a petition that clearly outlines your request(s) and get people to sign it. Make sure that the names are legible and that there is a way to contact each person if needed.
  • Facilitate: Odten cities feel that they cannot take away parking from cars, so do some legwork yourself. Specify exactly where you want parking and also identify spaces that can be converted to moto parking without taking away car spots. Examples can be spaces between driveways, ends of blocks where the space between a car spt and the crosswalk may accommodate a scooter or two. Take photos and provide them to the city.
  • Be Polite: Yelling and threatening only aggravates others. You'll get more with sugar than vinegar as the saying goes.
  • Give Credit: Make sure to give thanks and credit to those in government who are helpful. A bureaucrat's job can be a thankless one, so give them some credit when they are helpful. They will appreciate it!

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