Saturday, May 09, 2009

N. 6 st. in Brooklyn

Abandoned scooter or just a rat bike with an owner who just doesn't care...

-- Post From My iPhone

UPDATE: Upon further inspection, this bike was really roached! The sparkplug wire was missing a cap, the tip of the plug was broken off. The crashbars were barely clinging to it as someone unsuccessfully tried to remove them. There was graffiti on the seat and it was covered in grime and rust. Almost made us want to take it home like a abandoned puppy, but you can't fit a P200 in carry-on luggage.


christopher said...

i had the same urge of wanting to adopt it. i've asked the owner of the shop it's parked in front of about it. he said the owner lives upstairs and refuses to sell. i live in the area and see it almost every day and it just gets worse and worse. is there a way to legally kidnap it?

-april said...

Not sure about how to rescue that scooter. It obviously isn't going anywhere in that state. I'd send a letter to the apartment to see if you get a response. I'm surprised that it hasn't been removed as blight. Sad to see a scooter being neglected like that!