Wednesday, May 06, 2009

News from ScootRS

Just got this email from Randall at ScootRS. Disc brake fans, rejoice!

In major Lambretta news, ScootRS have released their very nice high-pressure
die cast inboard disc brake. Every piece - apart from bearings and seals -
is made inhouse at ScootRS and it is the only one in the world made like the
Innocenti original (others are rough sand cast versions), except it comes
with a better vented disc. In white or silver.
£160/$239 (Individual parts are available too.)

A tidy hydraulic caliper to go with it, which requires no back plate
modification, is £46/$69.

On a related note, ScootRS are now including for free with all their Vespa
and Lambretta hydraulic disc brake kits a nice braided stainless steel hose,
a great upgrade. (Also available separately.) At the same time, the latest
version of their popular Lambretta hydraulic disc brake kit is nicely
restyled at both the caliper plate and the thottle support.

New machine-stamped Lambretta SX200 and LIS/TV panels are available at a
reasonable price now as well!

Finally, ScootRS have continued their series of high-end seat covers made
just like original, but half the price of Italian repros. The seat covers
feature thick rubber backing in joined sections, foam inserts, stainless
rivets, matching straps (dual seats only) and original style rear badges.
Unlike Italian repros, they also include a padded foam insert to keep you
comfy. Recent additions include:

Vespa GS150 VS5 dual seat cover
Vespa GS150 VS1-4 dual seat cover
£46/$69 (Also available in leather.)

Lambretta flag dual seat cover
Lambretta striped dual seat cover
Lambretta centre stripe dual seat cover
Lambretta sport dual seat cover
£39/$59 (Some also available in leather.)

For more info, go to ScootRS

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