Friday, May 15, 2009

Ride to Work: Monday June 15

This year, international Ride to Work Day happens on Monday, June 15th. If you have never ridden your scooter to work, then this is the perfect time to join other who will be doing so. Since my workplace is about 50 miles away. I'll be riding to the train station instead of driving.

There are some ways that you can make Ride to Work day more fun, memorable and visible in the minds of your community:

* Host a Ride to Work stop: Just like Bike to Work day promoters do, sponsor a stop where motorcyclist/scooterists can stop by for some coffee or a snack. This is a great way for scooter shops and clubs to meet new riders, hand out materials, an create a media-friendly event to report.

* Meet up with riders for breakfast, lunch or dinner: If you know other participants nearby, why not meet earlier for breakfast at a local diner, or coordinate a lunch or after-work get together. Share your riding experiences and enjoy other riders' company.

You can also download fliers and handouts to giveaway from the official Ride to Work site.

If you Ride to Work for the first (or millionth) time, send me a photo from the day.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am Anson from Taiwan.
I am happy to surf your blog.
I agree on this opion of riding to work. ^^
I have been riding my Vespa to work almost vevey day from last year when the price of gas was more expensive last year.
But I have never taken any pic of the way to work.Maybe I can do it
next Monday.