Friday, May 22, 2009

Vespa/Wine Promo

For all of those folks who write a Letter to the Editor to complain to me about the mention of alcohol in Scoot! rally reports, here's something that should get you off my case for a while.

According to some press releases and articles on 'da web, Kris Wine is offering Vespa S50s as prizes in an upcoming contest. Personally, I don't care that they are combining wine and a scooter. I'm not dumb enough to think that it implies that I should drink-n-drive, but I do find it funny that the scooter has crazy wavy lines under it. If you drank a whole bottle of wine, you might ride that path unknowingly. :)

The other funny thing about the campaign is that this story calls the S50 "the fastest on the road." Never mind every other scooter that has a bigger-than-50cc engine.

Well, enough of making fun of the Kris Wine promotion. Keep an eye out for entry forms at you local wine seller (except in CA, TN, UT, Puerto Rico). Contest goes through August.

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