Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Show Us Your Scoots!

I'm soliciting submissions or our popular Show Us Your Scoots section of the magazine where readers send in snapshots of themselves on their scooters. I'd like to make the next issue's SUYS BIG!

What do you need to do to submit your photo?
  • Scan your pic or submit a digital pic at the highest resolution possible (minimum of 300 dpi if you can select it)
  • Include a caption for the pic which included the names of the folks in the photo, the bike (make model) and where you are from (City, State, Country)
  • Email it to april (at) scootmagazine (period) com

Were you a mod way back & want to submit before/after pics? Go ahead!
New to scootering & want to show off your new bike? Do it!
Got some vacation photos from your scoot excursion in Hawaii or Greece? Share your story!

Our readers like to see what other scooterists are up to around the globe.

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