Thursday, October 22, 2009

Upcoming Event: Worshipping the Beast

This weekend Scoot! and our pals will be enjoying the scooterrific hospitality of The Burgundy Topz who have been going strong for over two decades. If you are within scooting/driving distance of Sacramento, CA this weekend, come on by. The Topz are old timey scooter boys who love their vintage scooters and I'm sad that an injury will keep me from riding my P200. But, I'll be there driving support and enjoying their company.

The schedule

The Beast Is Back

Leave the Tupperware© at home and dust off that rusty metal bomber! The Beast is going back to basics.

Old Scoots, long rides and a show for people who collect, build, restore and ride for the love of the machines. It’s about style, design, quality, durability, stability and utility. About permanent greasy fingernails, knowing what size wrench you need, and diagnosing the issue before you come to a stop. This sort of connection cannot be bought in stores and won’t be financed for 4.9%APR… You know it because you love it. Worship.

Here’s the Weekend Ritual:

Friday Night ~ Meet and Greet ~ 7pm

The Backdoor Lounge , 1112 Firehouse Alley, Sacramento CA, 95814

Hard Drinks for Hard Times! Come join us for a night with Sacramento’s very own ‘Velour Fog’ LEE DIAMOND! This maestro of lounge singers belts out the greatest hits from the 50’s up to the 80’s. He can easily whip up a crowd with his natural wolf-like charisma and a cordless microphone!

Saturday Morning ~ The Big Ride ~ 10am

Barber’s Alfa Romeo, 1116 18th Street, Sacramento CA, 95811

Get your ass outta bed and roll down to the Barber shop. Make sure your bike is tuned and gassed for an 80-mile roundtrip along some of the most unspoiled river roads. This will not be a huge group run, but something that can be ridden at your own pace. If you want to tear it up like Valentino Rossi or putt around like Mister Magoo that’s your choice. The whole route is a planned loop of awesome roadside venues that most locals have never seen or heard of.

Saturday Afternoon ~ 3pm

Morgan’s, 3348 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

Arrive back here for some artery clogging snacks and a breather before the show. Shoot some pool, throw some darts and kick up your heels for awhile.

Saturday Night ~ 7pm

Espresso Metro, 2104 11th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95818

Meet back here for another ride around Sacramento to the night show we have planned for you at… The Blue Lamp ~ 8pm, 1400 Alhambra Blvd. , Sacramento, CA 95816

It’s hard to tell this was once the 4th best topless bar in Sacramento. Now it’s the same for live music! Get floored by The Hypnotic IV and The Phantom Jets as they drown your ears in the best surf inspired music while throwing back some liver suffocating drinks.

Sunday Morning ~ 11am

Espresso Metro
Meet here for one last jog around ‘The Big Tomato’ before arriving back at …
The Barber Shop ~ 2pm; 1116 18th Street, Sacramento CA, 95811

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