Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Custom Vespa Auction - Sept. 6th

News from our friends at Revolution Moto in Santa Rosa, CA. They donated a scooter to a local art auction. According to their newsletter:
We donated a 1974 vintage Vespa 90 to the Art Start program and Omega DiStefano completely customized it with images from the Sistine Chapel. You have to see it to believe it. The bike will be auctioned at Art Start's fifth annual "Party for Art" auction on September 6th.

The event is sure to be a blast, with entertainment by the Safaris and Dick Dale's Deltones. Tickets are only $25 and are available at RevMoto.

The Vespa is currently on display at RevMoto, in the front window. Come in, check it out, and buy a ticket for "Party for Art."

Special thanks to Mario Uribe and the tremendous team at Art Start.

Find out more about ARTSTART’S PARTY FOR ART.

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