Monday, August 25, 2008

Got a scooter logo tattoo?

I came across this query by a book author who is looking to profile folks who sport brand tattoos. I'm sure there will be lots of Mac apples, and I'm sure a bunch of NASCAR tatts out there, but I know that some of you have Lambretta or Vespa emblazoned on your arms, legs,...whatever. I personally know a few, even someone with the Fuji Rabbit logo. And I'd bet money on a few Fred Perry logos out there.

If you want to participate and let your scoot love be known read below.
From: Tate Linden
Email: tattooATstokefireDOTcom
Deadline: 12:00 PM EASTERN - September 1

"We're looking for people willing to share their story about any major-brand tattoos that they have. Do you have the Macintosh Apple logo on your bicep? How about the Nike Swoosh or the Coca-Cola stripe? If you've got the logo or name of a corporation permanently imprinted on your bod and are willing to talk with us about it (and perhaps share a picture or three) for potential inclusion in a book (planned release late 2009) we'd love to hear from you.

To start with please DO NOT send photographs or call us. Just provide us with a description of your tattoo - what brand, where it is located, and a one sentence description of why you got it. Email us at and we'll get back to you by early September with our response and potentially additional requests, such as a phone interview, photos, or other steps.

Deadline time is just so we can begin to process the responses in a reasonable amount of time. Compelling stories will be accepted later if needed - and additional calls may go out for specific brands.

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