Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lambretta Bible by Veloce Publishing

UK publisher Veloce Publisher has just released The Lambretta Bible, a survey of "All Lambretta Models Built in Italy: 1947-1971."

I've had a great time reading through it, learning about Lambrettas. I own vintage Vespas, but never bought a Lammy, so I'm not familiar with their finer points. The book is informative and entertaining. I can tell that author Paul Davies really loves this marque.

In our next issue, we'll excerpt a chapter for readers to take for a spin. Our next issue is Lambretta-focused, so we've got Reader's Rides and Show Us Your Scoots that are Lammy-only. Some cool, unusual scooters and some historical info. We didn't try to present comprehensive coverage. Many books have done a better job than we could in one small magazine issue, but we did want to celebrate our love of this fantastic scooter.

Are you a proud Lambrettisti? There is still time to slip in a photo of you with your Lammy for the Show Us Your Scoots section. Send your high-res jpg. or tiff to me and we might be able to fit it in. Don't forget to include your full name, where you are from and a description of your bike.

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