Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The PX is Dead...Long Live the PX!!!

UK's the Telegraph ran an article about how Piaggio will now only make automatic scooters. It is also covered by Sportique's Cassandra Schoon here.

Oh PX, we'll miss you dearly!

When I first got a chance to ride an automatic scooter, I felt like a cat riding a boat; out of my element. It was a ET2 and I hated it. I would never own an automatic car, so why would I consider an automatic scooter? But now, after riding dozens of them I have come to appreciate them (especially on a steep San Francisco hill...), but never will my love for a shifting scooter wane. They have taken away my pleasant two-stroke exhaust and now my shifting?

I'll stop shifting when they pry my P200 and VBB out of my cold dead hands...

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