Friday, August 22, 2008

Scooter Thefts!

It was bound to happen, with scooters being in high demand and easy to pilfer, it's no wonder that they are getting stolen.
According to this news report from the News-Leader in Springfield, MO 20 scooters have been stolen in the lat 2 months! I would guess that several of them were not securely locked, but even with a chain it is possible. And if people have modern, plastic scooters and use those plastic body parts for securing the bike, it's not to hard to break it and go.

In Scoot!#31 from Spring '05 we ran an article on ways to properly lock your bike. This situation makes me thing that we need to run another article on it.

I say use a big lock, or two; make it hard to roll such as by locking the wheel or disc brake. In especially dodgy places, I have locked my helmet to by front wheel and removed my spark plug. Easier on a vintage bike. On newer bikes, an alarm isn't that hard to install.

Anyone out there had their scooter stolen recently? What were the circumstances?

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Greg said...

Had my vino 125 stolen a couple months ago. I went away for the weekend and had it locked up under the stairs of my apartment. I came home to it gone so I called the cops and they had found it a block from my house. The handlebars were locked and the kids couldn't roll it away easily or hot wire it so they just left it. did almost $1,000 worth of damage and just left. In my town the cops told me that they get reports of 2-3 scooters stolen every day! Darn kids wanting a quick untraceable ride. Everyone should register their scoots with the city or dmv even if local laws do not require it.