Sunday, October 19, 2008

2009 Vintage Scooter Build Off

I am so excited by this cool scooter build-off! I hope it really brings out some awesome scooters. Kings Classic used to be the rally that people used to unveil the customs that they had worked all year on. Then, Vegas High Rollers became the event. It kind of slacked over the past couple years, except for a few sweet bikes. I am hopeful that this competition will bring out a great crop of bikes.
According to the site:
Our goal is to facilitate and promote the restoration of vintage Lambretta and Vespa scooters. The Put Up or Shut Up National Scooter Build-Off competition will serve as the perfect showcase for dramatic restorations from vintage scooter owners, clubs, and shops from across North America and beyond, who in the end are rewarded for their hard work.

and who can argue about that?
I know a few of the committee members and several of the participants. So, I'm sure that the teams are capable of some awesome work. Join us in Vegas next March to see what happens!

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