Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NSR: Songs I Love No Matter What

I have been listening to lots of Internet radio while working on the magazine. My fave stations are Radio Nigel for 80s, KINK-FM for 80s-modern alternative from the Netherlands, Radio Paradise for mellow eclectic, and Memories 89 KCEA-FM for 30s and 40s music.

Often some song comes on that I am so excited to hear, a song from my past that I never tire of Thought I'd list a few of them. It's not in order of importance, nor is it complete, just an off-the-top list:
1) Rock Lobster- B-52s: an epic song with drama, nonsense, sound effects, cowbell, and a narwhal!

2) Bedsitter- Soft Cell: a honest song where so many people can see themselves. I am no music theory student, but there is something about the notes that are used in that song that are melancholy.

3) Tears (full arrangement)- Chameleons UK: One of the best concerts I have been to; "And the days were long and slow, But were we wiser then? I couldn't say, I wouldn't know..."

4) Well I Wonder- The Smiths: Morrissey is never afraid to reveal vulnerability. Chicks dig it. ;)

5) Radio Clash- The Clash: Smokin'

5) Sweet Soul Music- Arthur Conley: Yeah-yeah!

6) 25 Miles- Edwin Starr: "I, I, I, I, I'm so tired but I just can't lose my stride"

7) I Love You Honey- Patsy Cline: twangy with a fiddle

8) Groove is in the Heart- Dee-Lite: Irresistible

9) Sleepwalk- Johnny & Santo: Perfect.

10) Reggae in Your Jeggae- Fun to sing along, even with my terrible singing voice

11) Peace Frog- The Doors: Get's them dancing at a party, really. Try it.

Got any to share?

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