Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Global Rights to Lambretta Bikes?

In my opinion, the Lambretta name isn't what it used to be. I suppose that is an understatement as you can get all sorts of tacky products from deodorant and body spray to clothing, watches and sunglasses. We have "Lambretta" scooters here in the US and apparently, there is now a global push on reviving the name as a scooter brand.

Check out this press release on Bike Biz which announces new "accessories" and a 26" wheel bike, by which I think that means bicycle. Hmmmmmh... I bet it will be exactly what Lambretta fans have been craving. :P

"Legendary Italian scooter brand Lambretta had been lying dormant for over 30 years until UK-based brand entrepreneurs Fine White Line Ltd secured the worldwide rights to the Lambretta brand."

So these are the people tanking this brand name!

I'm not sure who benefits from the use of the Lambretta name. From where I stand you either recognized the name and love the brand, thus new, cheap and totally divorced designs and products will ring false. OR you don't know the brand which seems to make the implied cache irrelevant. The only way to win is to find:
1) people that are so "brand-conscious" that they will take anything with the Lambretta name on it regardless of its relation to the actual appropriateness of the products or
2) people to "educate" about the brand's cache and relevance.

If ther are any UK readers out there, I'd love to hear your opinion on what you feel has beeen done with the Lambretta name. It seems that the license-holder will slap the name on anything. How does that go over in the UK? To me it feels like buying a "Gucci" bag on the streets of New York for $20. Empty.

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