Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to liven-up scooter rallies?

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After attending scooter rallies for over a dozen years, the route schedules and activities are getting kind of boring.

Rally Events that I Find Boring
* Never-ending slow races
* Gymkhanas so easy that a newbie twist-n-go scooterists can do them
* Hours spent standing around
* Long speeches

Rally Events that I Would Like to See:
* Tough gymkhanas that take real skill
* Drag racing (see photo above by markusmichael in Germany)
* Skill competitions such as engine assembly, trivia
* Classes on how to fix or customize a scooter
* Team competitions like scavenger hunts or stage racing
* Lots of interesting, well-run rides

The photo (shown above) that I saw on Flikr reminded me of my pet peeves. Sorry for venting... : )


Nate MC said...

I would LOVE to see some of that stuff at Rallys. Glad you mention this today as the planning meeting for Tour Di Mari #2 in Seattle starts tonight and I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

i'm new to the scooter world. got my first scooter 2 months ago. an orange vespa s150. i live 45 mins north of st augustine florida. there's a scooter rally called scootoberfest which is going to have a scavengerhunt according to their website. should be fun for my first.