Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scoot! #47 shipping now!

Scoot! Magazine #47 goes Lammy!

Our new issue in en route to subscribers and shops. We decided to do a Lambretta Tribute issue, of sorts. We didn't set out to do a complete history (it has been done and probably better than we could have), we didn't set out to do a repair manual (it's been done). Rather, we wanted to celebrate what we like about Lambrettas. So, you'll find the story of a cool model, info on models rarely seen in the USA, info on the Lambretta Club USA, and examples of custom Lambrettas that ride our streets.
Highlights from this issue:

An excerpt from The Lambretta Bible; a Lambretta history timeline; Lambretta Club USA Spotlight; 3 unusual Lammy Reader's Rides; Modscooters GP200 review; Lammys of the German-Speaking world; Lammy "Show Us Your Scoots" section.

:"A Tale of 250s" pits the Aprilia SportCity 250 against the SYM RV250; Coveralls Scooter Cover.

Rallies including Motogiro America.

Regular Features: Josh's Tattoo Corner, Scooter Collector, Rally Calendar, Classified section, and more!

As I mentioned, issues are currently in the mail. If you don't have a subscription or can't find it for sale near you, order it from our store.

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