Monday, June 07, 2010

Julius & Clancy in Legos

If you saw the #55 April 2010 issue of Scoot!, you may have seen the incredible Lego creation by Canadian Lego enthusiast, Paul Hetherington. He created Paul Frank Industries' Julius the monkey and Clancy the giraffe riding in a scooter.

If you are a casual Lego user or (like me) haven't picked up Legos since childhood, you are probably in awe at how he was able to recreate these very recognizable characters.  Also, the details are quite impressive.

You can see more photos of this project as well as other even more complex and impressively executed projects by Paul (who goes by Brickbaron) on his Flikr stream.

If you create scooter-themes crafts or art, let me know. We might be able to include it in an upcoming issue of Scoot!.

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