Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Scooter Testing

The Scoot! team will be out testing some 125cc scooter head-to-head today for our next issue. On deck will be he KYMO Agility, Genuine Buddy,  Lance Cali Classic, Yamaha C3, and a Yamaha Vino. We might have another late entry. These head-to-head comparisons are a little time consuming, but fun to do and give the readers and apples-to-apples look at the stats.

I'll post some photos after we're done.
Doh! Mistake, I blew it when I was listing the scooters that were for the specific test for sunday. The 125cc test did not include the C3. I wish they had a 125cc version! We do have a loaner C3 from Yamaha, but it is for another article. I can't keep our test bikes straight.  

Blog entry soundtrack: "Love Cats" by The Cure


Leo Urbis said...

I'm a little confused, is there a 125cc Yamaha C3?

Leo Urbis said...

Aww man! And I thought you'd leaked some super secret new model info! A 125CC Yamaha C3 would be big news. Even bigger would be a 125cc Ruckus.