Thursday, June 03, 2010

Scooter Themed Desktop Wallpapers

Continuing on the custom PC theme, I have found some fun scooter-themed wallpapers that can e used o your computer.
A good place to check for wallpapers is Flikr. many artists post them for users to use non-commercially. Check these out:

Chris Matta's Vespa Wallpaper
Vespa Vintage Wallpaper by (used above)

Some other online resources:
Wall Paper Pimper Vespas

UK Vespa site with cool downloads (see above)

think you can create your own cool scooter wallpaper? Enter the PixelGirlPresents design contest which isn't scooter specific, but is a great place to get your wallpaper designs seen. Deadline is July 31st.  I have found some cool scooter wallpapers there:

Vespa by Ian Mardsen


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Tim said...

If you use iGoogle you can apply scooter themed graphics to the page as well.