Sunday, June 13, 2010

Land-Speed Record Competition for Scooters

For those of you that are interested in fast scooters, scooter racing, or speed tuning scooters, the Motor-Scooter International Land-Speed Federation may be of interest. A group of scooterists has come together to test their scooters with a simple race against the clock at El Mirage Dry Lake near Barstow, CA.  
Since most land-speed racing events are closed to scooters (MSILSF cites the 5-inch wheel requirement of The Southern California Timing Association as an example) the scooterists formed their own association just for scooters. Their first annual event is November 21st, 2010. They are also trying to get a scooter class in the 2011 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

If you are interested in testing your scooter, the fees are small, the safety requirements are basic and the scooter classes are plenty. Check it out!

Scoot! Magazine is a sponsor of this event.

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