Monday, June 21, 2010

Ride to Work Day is TODAY!

Let me start this post out by saying that I will not be riding to work today. Unfortunately, I am sick with a chest cold that has kept me down for 2 days. Perhaps I will ride to the doctor's office, instead?

Rid to Work Day is to encourage motorcycle/scooter rider to use their bikes not just for leisure, but also for utilitarian reasons like commuting to work. Since most people live a relatively close distance to work,  it can be a quick trip that is not only fun, but saves gas, reduces traffic congestion and makes you look cool. [I added that last part. I don't think it is in the official RTW propaganda.]

My commute is about 47 miles on the freeway each way, which makes taking my P200 (or my VBB) impossible unless I want to leave ultra-early (I don't) or just arrive late with numb hands (ibid). So, my plan was to take the Scoot! Yamaha TMAX which is "TheMAX" in most things. It's big, heavy, powerful and can pass cars alarmingly well. It also pays no attention to grooved pavement, which is a complete buzz kill on my 10" and 8" wheeled vintage Vespas. Combine grooved pavement with gusty wind and you have my idea of a crappy ride. So, Josh made sure we had new tires just in time for Ride to Work and I made sure to get sick just in time (although it was totally unintentional).

Any of you riding to work today? What are you riding? How far are you riding? Are you connecting with any other riders, perhaps for an after-work pitcher of root beer?

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Keith said...

I rode my Symba to work as I do nearly everyday. I have an eight and a half commute on urban surface streets. We have a motorcycle parking area where I work and it was pretty much the same bikes. I hardly ever see any of the other riders as my schedule and theirs don't match. I do know, I'm the only one with a "Ride to Work" sticker. Come cold weather and my Symba gets rather lonely.