Thursday, March 20, 2008

Awed by the outpouring of love

I just checked to see what has been raised by the Scooter Relief fund for Josh and was amazed that it was over $14,000. It is really a very touching thing to see scooterists and others coming to the aid of another scooterists who is in a bad situation. I've heard that his contributions have even come from other countries. Amazing.

I visited Josh on Sunday and brought him cards and letters sent to him. He was very moved by how so many people cared about him and his situation. I imagine it must be boring, painful, frustrating, depressing, and dispiriting to be stuck in a hospital bed for weeks on end. Our friend Giggy went over and built several ramps so that Josh coul dmove around in a wheel chair. Hearing that almost made me cry. I know that Giggy is a kind an caring person, but the amount of effort people are making for Josh is truly touching. They are good tears, of course!

I took this photo when I visited him. He has a hospital-style bed and an upgraded Netflix membership. You can see the leg immobilizer on his right leg. He's got a good attitude, even if they had to cut his long hair to make it easier to care for. He said that even 2 weeks after the accident he still had road grit in his hair as he can't shower. Only sponge baths. So away went the hair.

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