Sunday, March 09, 2008

Scoot! Keeps a Rolling, albeit slower pace

Just an update to how things are going at Scoot!.
Fisrt, Josh is still in the hospital. We hope that he will be released on Tuesday or Wednesday. He is having a better time with mobility and was able to get out of his bed with help and sit in a wheelchair for some time today. The hospital will not discharge him until he get in & out of his bed with only 1 person to assist him. He will recuperate at his in-law's home as their house is better suited to mobility issues. Thanks again to everyone who has expressed their well-wishes. It means a lot to Josh and our crew!

The magazine is moving along, although 1/3 of our team has been knocked out of the action. Our next issue is at the printers and we're trying to take over for Josh as far as running the office goes. Currently, we are only processing orders on Sundays and mailing on Mondays. I would suggests against selecting expedited shipping during this time as we cannot ship on that type of schedule.

The content deadline for the next issue is Mar. 15, so get in your contributions, soon. Rally reports, and Show Us Your Scoots contributions can be sent to me.

Well, I'm off to process orders & clean out the cat box. Ah, the fancy life of a magazine editor!

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