Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Further update on Josh's condition

I just got this email from Josh's wife, Katie:
Josh is having surgery tomorrow for a dislocated left shoulder and his
MRI today confirms that he ripped his ACL & ECL in his right knee.
Surgery for that injury will be in 3 weeks. This will drastically
increase his recovery period and we will now be looking at close to 9
months before he is walking. Still, can't believe he made it out

He had been complaining about lots of pain and no wonder...a dislocated shoulder for 2 days...ugh!and both legs with problems. I can only imagine how long it will add to his recovery.

I also heard from another scooterist who was airlifted from an accident that the cost was $26,000. I hope that the motorist has some excellent coverage. Keep it going, folks...

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