Monday, March 03, 2008

Yesterday, Josh Rogers (Scoot!'s co-publisher) was involved in a serious accident while on Vespa Club Los Gatos' monthly ride. I posted this to several boards to let scooterists know about his status.
I just got back from the hospital. Josh is out of surgery and will
likely stay at the hospital for a few days. He is doing well for
someone who took on a Lexus head-on and we're lucky that he didn't
sustain more damage.

What he did sustain was a broken femur that pierced his skin, a
seriously dislocated wrist and numerous lacerations, some deep.
The doctors told his wife Katie that the femur break was very clean and went back together well. They expect him to be able to put weight on it
within a week. Imagine that. However, he will likely have to undergo
therapy to walk. It could take 3-6 months to get back to normal.

The good news is that the police gave us the impression that the Lexus
driver was totally at fault. While those on the ride who saw the
accident knew that already, it's good to get that echoed by the
police. Hopefully the driver was well-insured. For those who have not
heard- on a curvy uphill area of Hwy 9, a driver crossed the line and
hit Josh head-on. The car came to a stop just before the shoulder
facing the wrong way in the wrong lane.

Josh is at the Regional Medical center at McKee & Jackson. Visiting
hours are until 9pm, but I forgot to see when they begin.

Josh will need help in the coming months. Some may just be mental
support, some may be financial support. A helicopter flight to the
hospital can't be cheap. So, I hope that we can lend both spiritual
and financial support when we can. Perhaps we can do a fundraiser of some sort to help out.

I'm sure that Josh is thankful for all of the care and assistance that
everyone gave today. It was very inspiring to me to see how so many
people; including the scooterists, drivers who stopped with first aid
kits, motorcyclists who directed traffic and the emergency services
personnel all came together with the one goal to help another in

I'll post information as I find out more.


PS you can help by donating to his fund.


Steve said...

Holy Guacamole! Josh my man, thank GOODNESS you're ok, bro.

I wish you a swift recovery!


RuckusLife said...

*Prays for a healthy recovery*