Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Josh Accident Update

I'm sitting here at 12:30am and it seems as if Josh's accident on Sunday was a week ago. The whole ordeal of that day was really exhausting and I'm just beginning to feel it. Of course, it's nothing compared to the pain and shock that Josh must be feeling.

I spoke to three friends who went separately to see him today. Of course he is in pain, but I'd guess that he appreciates the concern the folks are showing for him. Although I imagine he needs his rest. I heard that a loud, stinky homeless man was in the spot next to him. Maybe I should bring him some ear plugs.

Our friend Chudu is a scooterist and an ER nurse who works at the same hospital. It was great to have him on duty when Josh was there. It made it much easier to deal with everything knowing that someone we knew could keep us abreast of everything.

I thought that when I got home from the hospital last night I would email Gregory at ScooterRelief.org to request a fund be opened for Josh. But when I logged on I discovered that it had already been done. Thanks to whomever initiated it. But I must say I was totally floored by how quickly people have come to Josh's aid and given their own money to help. As I said before, he was transported in an ambulance *and* a helicopter, so I can only imagine what that i going to cost over and above the physical therapy and rehabilitation he will need. I really am touched by the generosity of our scooter friends. I have donated my own money in the past to the fund, but never thought that maybe one of my own friends would be in need. Thank you! For those who have asked how else they can help, you are welcome to send a card or greeting to our office:
Scoot! Magazine
re: Josh Rogers Accident
P.O. Box 9605
San Jose, CA 95157
Those who have inquired about donating funds can also send them to that address, but be sure to indicate that it is for Josh's accident fund. You don't want us calling you to see if you wanted to book an advertisement. :)

For the foreseeable future, it will be harder to run the Scoot! office without Josh around. We have a great crew of interns from San Jose State who help out in the office, but they can't do everything that Josh did. So, if you need to call in or email us, please be gentle with our office crew. They are eager to help, but don't have all of the answers. We'll do our best to make sure orders get processed as quickly as possible and that inquiries are answered to the best of our ability.

Finally, our friend and fellow member of Josh's scooter club, Lisa took a photo of the car that hit Josh. You have to see it to believe it. It looks bad, but when you consider that he was it while riding a TGB Laser scooter which weighs less than 300lbs, it really sinks in how hard he was hit. Josh weighs over 250 lbs. and was going up a steep hill on a 150cc scooter. Oh, and yes, that is his scooter skirt sticking out from under the hood. Notice where the car came to rest; completely in the next lane. The man in jeans & a green jacket is Bob who is leaning over Josh. A few of us stood over him trying to shield his eyes from the sun.

I'll keep you posted as things develop.

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