Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Message from Josh

Got home from the scooterist meeting tonight & found this message from Josh:

I'm indeed out of the hospital. I'm at the in-laws in south San Jose
the door is open for visits.

You all know I'm pretty f*cked up. but I don't have many needs right
now I'll keep you posted on additional needs. I'd say same standards
apply visitors till 9pm

thank to everyone for their support and visits.
in short I'm not going to be mobile for 2-3 months and wont walk for 6.
everything is well on its way to being resolved but I just wanted you
guys to know where I was and that I'm OK (relatively)

just to ensure my safety I've only give the address to VCLG members
and April, so if you want to come pay a visit contact one of them and
we will tell you were you can find me. I heard there was a lot of
trash on the boards and I want to avoid any issues.

Let's hope he has a speedy an complete recovery...

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