Thursday, July 17, 2008

Comic Con next week: you going?

I'm heading to Comic Con for my other gig, but will be hooking up with some scooter folks while I'm there. Anyone else going who wants to say hello?

I'm bringing my copy of the Scoot! Magazine scooter art issue (#40) for R. Black to sign. I forgot it when I went to his book signing...doh! also looking forward to meeting Patrick from Rocketworld who submitted art for the same issue and made those cute IWG animals on scooters figures, one of which has premium placement in my cabinet. There will be lots of other folks there to see, so I am excited.

Ed Brubaker, who has done LOTS of fancy-schmancy cool comic-related work will be there, but his Deadenders comics were closest to my heart. I interviewed him about them in Scoot! #19, I believe. Maybe I'll bring #1 with me.;)

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