Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scooter Collectible Contest

Many folks will have received the new issue of Scoot! and discovered a new contest in the Scooter Collector column. I have asked readers to email me some of their discoveries to share. If you email me a collectible, I'll enter you into the contest. It's pretty easy and a few folks have already sent some in.

This crochet pattern was spied on etsy by Kyle Bryner. You can buy it and crochet your own (in your fave color combo) at maliamather's shop. Give it a try!

Jim Bravo wanted to share his soda can Vespa. I have a few of these. I've seen them at flea markets and I *think* they were sold briefly at Cost Plus, but I'm not sure. I took me a few tries to get an actual Coke can (sweet elixir of life!).

Dawn Hampton found an espe wallet that I hadn't seen (and I even exchanged emails with the company!) I gotta get one of these!

Maxine Levy sent in a photo of the Miso Pretty tote bag made by Blue Q. I have lots f their stuff with this motif. You can get beauty products and stationery products in the range, too.

We've ot plenty of time until the contest is over, so send in your collectible photos and share the love of being a Scooter Collector!

Tonight's blog soundtrack: "Red Rain" by Peter Gabriel. =it never gets old=

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