Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back from Comic Con!

I just got back from a week of working Comic Con. It was fun but next year I will definitely take advantage of more panels ad events.

I scoured the exhibit hall for more scooter collectibles, but didn't really find any. I did get to meet Patrick Ma of RocketWorld who did the Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo collection of animals on scooters. He had some special one-of-a-kind smaller versions of the figures on display.

I also met Rob Reger who is the creator or Emily the Strange and Bonbon (who was a cute scooter-riding mod gal that his company Cosmic Debris no longer produces). he signed books and did drawings on each one with cool custom inscriptions. Neat!

Something totally un-scooter related... I got to meet Ryan Buell at the PopCandy party hosted by Whitney from USA Today's PopCandy blog. (I met Whitney, too, and she's a Peach!. But I was thrilled (and a little tipsy) when I met Ryan. He was kind and gracious. :)

Finally, you may remember my previous post about R. Black making his scooter journey down the coast to San Diego. Well, he made it & I caught up with him at his booth. Way to go! h said he had one minor breakdown, and it was close to NoHo scooters, so it all ended well.

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