Monday, July 14, 2008

Josh Walks!

Josh and Jon at R. Black signing over the weekend.

I realized that I hadn't posted an update on Josh's condition in a while. So here it goes....

Josh' recovery has been going fairly well. A few weeks ago, he was nearly walking unaided, something they said would take about 6 months. He was ahead of schedule, but had to undergo another surgery on his right knee which has all its CLs (ACL, PCL etc) messed up in the accident. So, under the knife he went, When he got out he was unable to walk again. Two steps forward, one step back. He has been recuperating and taking physical therapy. He can now hobble around a bit if he uses his brace. They gave him some heavy-duty pain meds, which he learned *must* be taken on time or else mind-crushing pain ensues. It looked like the surgery went well & he should recover nicely.

Josh's biggest concern is the nerve damage and lack of full motion of his left arm. It was a result of his shoulder being disconnected. The doctors hope that his nerves will regenerate and fix themselves, but no one knows for sure. Not much "therapy" for that, but they try to measure his progress with shock tests and other creepy sounding metrics.

Our next issue is at the printers and should be arriving this week. It has the story on Josh's accident and some great safety info. It should be in shops by the 2nd week of August, and to subscribers shortly thereafter. Keep an eye out for it.

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