Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Target Nick & Nora Scooter Jammy Pants

A couple of weeks ago my housemate Lori and I were in Target shopping with Sara. I was chatting with Sara while Lori looked for a new robe. She came bouncing back with these in hand. Nick & Nora now sell a pair of pajama pants that have girls with scooters on them. You can get them for a steal, $12.99 at last look. Cute for those scooter girl sleepovers or when you wanna impress your new scoooterboy boyfriend. Also would make a great gift for the cutie-pie scootergal in your life.

I thought I'd post a cute photo of one of us in the pants (I HAD to get a pair, too!) but it never materialized, so I'll cop-out and use the Target web images. Go there & order some! Oh..and 100% cotton is good during these HOT months.

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